Jeogla & Wallamumbi Pastoral Company, Armidale NSW

  • Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station is located on the Northern Tablelands of NSW, approximately 50 kilometres east of Armidale. Jeogla and Wallamumbi have been owned by Roche Group since the late 1990s. In 2008 — with the acquisition of some small neighbouring land parcels, they were combined to form Jeogla and Wallamumbi Station. Prior to their purchase, the property was the childhood home of distinguished poet and environmentalist, Judith Wright.

  • The station occupies a total area of 13,340 hectares, and carries a capacity for 16,000 head of cattle. The V1V brand of Jeogla and the V2V brand of Wallamumbi, which are historically recognised brands in Australia, are still in use today.